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Events in dense fog: some background January 23, 2009

Posted by sjroby in Music.
Music for Films

Brian Eno: Music for Films

A little background, about me and about this. I’ve always loved listening to music, though my tastes have changed and grown a lot over the decades. I started with K-Tel compilations and my parents’ Marty Robbins and Elvis records, my first proper LP was Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, I went through a light progressive-ish rock phase (ELO, Alan Parsons Project, FM — the Canadian one, Queen, Kate Bush) but got into punk, new wave, and electronic music when I was 16. It was 1979 — a good year for those styles.

A lot of the music I discovered in the late 1970s/early 1980s is still among my all-time favourite music, but I never stopped looking for new music, and I occasionally stopped to check out older music from before my time, or that I’d missed somehow the first time around. My philosophy is that there’s always good music; what changes from year to year is how hard it is to find. Some popular stuff is good, some obscure stuff is rightfully obscure, but there’s a lot more to life than what was in the top 40 when you were 18.

So I intend to ramble here (and not to post mp3s; I may do links to youtube or legal sources occasionally) about music I like. Could be Sinatra from the 1950s, or electronic new wave from 1980, or retro soul from 2008, or any damn thing.

Oh, “Events in Dense Fog” is a track from Brian Eno’s Music for Films. Like Wire’s 154 (the album “The 15th” is on), it’s an album I heard in a record store in 1980 and fell in love with.



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