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John Foxx update January 30, 2009

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My Lost City

John Foxx: My Lost City

A few posts back I talked about John Foxx’s early albums being reissued. This year, he’ll have at least three new albums. The first one out will be My Lost City, a collection of instrumental tracks that Foxx has accumulated over the years. That will be followed by A Secret Life, a collaboration with Steve D’Agostino and Steve Jansen (the latter a former member of Japan with his brother David Sylvian), and Mirrorball, a collaboration with Robin Guthrie, known for, among other things, the Cocteau Twins, Violet Indiana, a few solo albums, and several albums with Harold Budd, who has himself worked with Foxx.

Like a lot of other musicians these days, Foxx has taken to the Internet to promote and sell his albums rather than trying to stay signed to one of the troubled major labels. Many of his recent CDs, in fact, have been limited runs of a thousand copies, selling primarily to a core fanbase who’ve been following his music for years. (Me, for instance.) He’s been using the web to get his message out in a variety of ways (Myspace, the Quiet Man blog, a youtube channel). There’s also the Metamatic website and bulletin board.

I hope all my favourite musicians don’t follow Foxx’s lead; there have been years when I’ve had to buy four or five of his CDs. I couldn’t afford to keep up with that kind of output from too many musicians. Well, if Kate Bush, for instance, put out a series of reasonably priced limited run CDs of previously unreleased music — outtakes, demos, experiments, whatever — I’d find a way to afford them. His Name Is Alive has released a lot of that kind of material, and I’ve only bought a bit of it, focusing on the major albums instead, because of concerns about quality vs quantity, cost, etc. For now, though, I don’t mind that Foxx is really taking advantage of the possibilities a small but devoted fanbase offers.



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