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Cadence Weapon: Separation Anxiety (2008) June 13, 2009

Posted by sjroby in Canadian content, Music.
Cadence Weapon: Separation Anxiety

Cadence Weapon: Separation Anxiety

Missed this when it first happened a few months ago. Cadence Weapon, rapper, producer, and the next poet laureate of the city of Edmonton (really), released a mixtape for whatever you’re willing to pay for it. I really liked his first proper album Breaking Kayfabe; it was energetic, smart, and didn’t rely on cliches, often using glitchy or retro electronic music rather than overly familiar samples. I haven’t played his second, Afterparty Babies, often enough yet to have much of an opinion on it, partly because I’m not crazy about the first track or two.

Reviewers pointed out that Afterparty Babies had a strong dance music feel, and I should perhaps have expected that Separation Anxiety would focus more on that than on hiphop. Few of the tracks are Cadence Weapon rap tracks; it’s mainly a dance music mix with remixed tracks from other artists, and you can go for a while without hearing any rapping from Cadence Weapon himself. Still, there’s some good stuff on here, and I didn’t pay the cost of a CD for it.

You can get it as 320kbps mp3s for any price you enter at http://www.cadenceweaponmusic.com. I didn’t try getting it for free, but I think it’s possible. Won’t give you much of a sense of what his albums are like, but it’s an easy introduction to an up and coming artist who seems likely to avoid being pigeonholed.



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