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August’s eMusic downloads September 11, 2009

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Ghosthack: S.E.L. ep

Ghosthack: S.E.L. ep

Dubstep singles again. Faib, Liondub, MRK 1, Moldy, and Jack Sparrow, among others, and the much talked about Crissy Cris, whose big dumb banger style turns out not to be my thing. Plus an EP by Ghosthack, a German producer who’s heavily influenced by the excellent anime series Serial Experiments: Lain.

Grouper: Cover the Windows and the Walls. Somewhere between the Kranky Records sound of the mid-’90s (Jessica Bailiff in particular) and a more ambient take on the “rural psychedelia” of Flying Saucer Attack. (Not that that’s all that wide a divide, given that Bailiff and FSA’s David Pearce collaborated on the clear horizon album for Kranky.)

Robert Hampson: Vectors. Hampson was the leader of the loud psychedelic/shoegazerish rock band Loop but, after that band ended, moved to much more abstract experimental noise/music with little remaining trace of rock, with his project Main and elsewhere. I’m going to have to push myself to listen to this one, I think, because as much as I liked Loop, I haven’t really developed much of an appreciation for most of Hampson’s other stuff. On the other hand, three long tracks, three download credits, worth a shot.

Andrew Liles: The Dying Submariner. According to the AMG review quoted at eMusic, the subtitle of this album is “A Concerto for Piano and Reverberation in Four Movements.” Sounds about right. Reminiscent of the Caretaker, this is atmospheric, droning, and occasionally surprisingly musical. Once I’ve absorbed this, I may try out some of Liles’s other stuff on eMusic.

The xx: xx. The latest UK indie blog buzz band. I saw comparisons to Young Marble Giants and mention of dubstep influences, listened to the samples, and was instantly sold. I also hear the quieter side of the Jesus and Mary Chain in there, and the mentions of Tricky, the Raveonettes, and Mazzy Star that I’ve seen in other reviews also make a fair bit of sense.


Robin Guthrie: Carousel

Robin Guthrie: Carousel. Another album of instrumental guitar music from the former Cocteau Twin, shoegazer icon, and collaborator with Harold Budd, John Foxx, and many others. Not a major departure, but no one else does quite what he does.

Lavay Smith and the Red-Hot Skillet Lickers: Miss Smith to You! One of the best acts by far to come out of the ’90s swing revival, and one long overdue for a new album. We’ve listened to their first two albums quite a lot, and saw a great live show by them ages ago, so this should do pretty well around here too.

Sally Shapiro: My Guilty Pleasure. Another winning blend of Italo disco and synthpop with a touch of melancholy. Doesn’t have the same effect now as hearing “Anorak Christmas” for the first time a couple of years ago, but still good.


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