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Actual physical CDs I’ve bought in 2009 (so far) November 14, 2009

Posted by sjroby in Music.

Hudson Mohawke: Butter

I used to buy a lot of CDs. Now I get a lot of music from eMusic and other online sources. But they don’t have everything, and they don’t cater to the collector side of me, or to the side of me that remembers to play something more often if there’s a physical copy lying around. So how many CDs have I bought this year? (I’m not counting the ones mounted on magazine covers.)

Raphael Saadiq: The Way I See It
John Foxx: My Lost City
Cadence Weapon: Afterparty Babies
D’Agostino/Foxx/Jansen: A Secret Life
Ultravox: Quartet
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It’s Blitz!
John Foxx and Robin Guthrie: Mirrorball
Lupe Fiasco: Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor
J Dilla: Donuts
Nadja: When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV
Various artists: Dancehall: The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture
Various artists: Play Drill: Dugga Dugga Dugga
Editors: In This Light and On This Evening
Franz Ferdinand: Tonight
John Foxx and Louis Gordon: Shifting City
John Foxx and Louis Gordon: The Pleasures of Electricity
John Foxx: In the Glow
Leyland Kirby: Sadly, the Future Is No Longer What It Was
Hudson Mohawke: Butter

That’s nineteen so far. But a few of them are expanded reissues of albums I already owned.  How about last year? Leaving out magazine covermount CDs and audiobooks, in 2008 I bought 24 CDs, again with a few being expanded reissues. In 2007? 58. In 2006, 35. In 2005, 30.

Okay, so not as much of a decline as I thought; 2007 was an atypical year. I think being unemployed is enough to explain the difference. Part of the reason 2007 was atypical was dubstep: I got into it in a big way then.

I don’t have an ipod, though occasionally I use my cellphone as an mp3 player (it has a capacity of one gB, or about a dozen albums). I tend to listen to albums as albums, not random selections of tracks, and I still like CDs because they can be played in more places, although our next car may be able to handle mp3s. Still, the main selling point of mp3s is price and storage space. If I know I’m going to listen to them a lot, I’ll burn them to audio CD.

There will be more posted about some of these albums before too long…



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