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Review: The X-Files: Year Zero December 6, 2014

Posted by sjroby in Book reviews.

Another Netgalley review, this time an IDW collection of X-Files comics written by Karl Kesel with art by Vic Mahlhotra and Greg Scott.

Kind of an odd reading experience, this one. The modern day material has the feel of a classic X-Files standalone episode, with Mulder and Scully working a strange case, but its more modern touches — references to Google, etc — are a bit jarring.

The flashback story is reasonably entertaining, but the explanation for the name of the X-Files is a bit cutesy, there are unanswered questions about the entity linking the two eras, and having the first X-Files team be another man/woman team who are initially opposites… well, it seems a bit too familiar. Wikipedia tells me that it does tie in with an unmemorable first season TV episode, but it looks like the agents are newly created here.

I think it would work better if the story were a little longer. The lack of captions, telling the story entirely through dialogue, makes it go by a bit too quickly, and some of the dialogue is a little forced. (Especially the Twin Peaks reference.) It’s a reasonably diverting tale that stands well enough on its own but I don’t feel the need to read more. I’ll go back to my DVDs instead.. and what wiki tells me about the episode this draws on doesn’t convince me that it needed to be expanded on here. Still, it’ll be a little more interesting to watch this episode when I get to that DVD.



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