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And now… a random diversion March 24, 2015

Posted by sjroby in Life in general, Music.

A few online hangouts I’ve frequented over the years have a thread for people to post a series of random musical selections chosen by itunes or some other music player on shuffle. I’ve always loved Winamp but running it on Windows 8 has been less than optimal. So, with 8.1 and a bit of compatibility troubleshooting, I’m on my second version of winamp today. And I’m going to play the random music game because it’s fun and because there are almost 50,000 songs to choose from and it’s always interesting to see if any patterns or oddities arise.

  1. Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Long As I Can See The Light”
  2. Blue Daisy, “Rick Ross”
  3. Wire, “Re-Invent Your Second Wheel”
  4. Cocteau Twins, “Pepper-Tree”
  5. Nosaj Thing, “Fog (Jamie xx Remix)”
  6. Nile, “I Whisper in the Ear of the Dead”
  7. Ella Fitzgerald, “Blue Moon”
  8. The Trysting Tree, “Chapter 3: A Middle Class Tragedy”
  9. Mekons, “Country”
  10. Brian Eno, “Aragon”

Hmm… nothing too obscure there. Sometimes stuff comes up that I just don’t remember at all. More importantly, this version of Winamp didn’t crash.


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