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Review: Mrs Hudson and the Malabar Rose January 9, 2016

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malabarAnother Netgalley review.

Martin Davies offers a fun, refreshing take on the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes and Watson aren’t the only residents of 221B Baker St. There’s also Mrs Hudson and her young assistant, Flotsam, aka Flottie. At a time when a matter of national importance occupies the time of Holmes and Watson, what seems like a much simpler domestic matter may pass unnoticed… but Mrs Hudson can take care of this case while more prominent figures are busy elsewhere, with Flottie’s help. And it turns out that Mrs Hudson is a very smart and resourceful woman, and Flottie has her moments too.

And, not too surprisingly, the case of the missing husband and the case of the mysterious jewel thief who plans to steal the Malabar Rose turn out to be more complicated than they seem, and to have some unexpected connections.

Holmes and Watson are definitely supporting characters here; Flottie is the narrator, and she and Mrs Hudson are the stars of the show. They do what they do as women in Victorian London, sometimes unnoticed by the men around them, noticing domestic details that turn out to be very important.

All in all, a fun way to revisit the world of Sherlock Holmes that isn’t just another imitation of what we’ve already had many times over.



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