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October eMusic downloads November 14, 2009

Posted by sjroby in Canadian content, Music.
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Fucked Up: The Chemistry of Common Life

Fucked Up: The Chemistry of Common Life, Year of the Rat, Hidden World. They’re Canadian, they won a big award, and they’re an atypical hardcore band, so I was curious. I like the first one, haven’t listened to the others much yet. They’re definitely neither the kind of hardcore I listened to many years ago nor the annoying stuff the genre evolved into over the years. They’re doing something different.

Various artists: 5: Five Years of Hyperdub disc 1. I have pretty much everything on disc 2, which is a sampling of past releases on Hyperdub; disc 1 is all new material, showing the future of one of the most consistently interesting dubstep and post-dubstep labels. And the future looks bright, not constrained by the cliches that some dubstep has fallen prey to.

Close Lobsters: Forever Until Victory. Singles collection from the jangly late ’80s band who recorded the great Foxheads Stalk This Land, a missing link between the Soft Boys, the House of Love, and other great pre-shoegazer guitar bands.

Raveonettes: In and Out of Control. Latest from the Jesus and Mary Chain-influenced retro fuzzpop band, more melodic, less noisy this time around.

Kevin Drumm: Imperial Horizon, Imperial Distortion. Austerely minimalist ambient/drone.

Bad Lieutenant: Never Cry Another Tear. The full album by New Order minus Peter Hook, it’s another okay outing with some pretty good songs but nothing that’ll change your life.

2562: Unbalance. Second album of techno-fied dubstep. I think this one has a little more character than the first.


Annie: Don’t Stop

Annie: Don’t Stop. More retro dance pop. Catchy and fun, with the occasional touch of melancholy.

Nurse With Wound: Salt Marie Celeste. Experimental ambient/drone/noise.

Robin Guthrie: Songs to Help My Children Sleep EP. More of the usual instrumental guitar bliss, quieter and more ambient than some of his other material.

Anuj Rastogi: Dark Matter EP. A Canadian mix of dubstep and Indian music, going deeper than some UK dubstep producers who just drop in random Indian samples.

Andrew Liles: The Dead Submariner. More dark ambience. Where its predecessor, The Dying Submariner, used processed piano sounds, this one uses guitar.

Plus the usual dubstep and electronic singles, this time around from Broken Note, Various Production, A Made Up Sound, Darkstar, Ital Tek, Sp:Mc, and Sully.