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Review: The Shadow: Midnight In Moscow by Howard Chaykin August 24, 2015

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Another Netgalley review.

One of these days I should do a more in-depth thing on The Shadow. There’s a lot to get into. But for now, a quick review of a graphic novel collecting a recent miniseries.

The Shadow has sometimes been well served by the comics medium, and sometimes terribly. Howard Chaykin has produced some fascinating and compelling work and, well, some not so much. This isn’t their first encounter, and it’s probably not as groundbreaking as Chaykin’s first Shadow tale back in the 80s. However, it’s a solid take on the character and his supporting cast, a respectfully pulpy tale with a bit of mad science, a Communist femme fatale, and plenty of violence. Fun, and it feels more faithful to the old pulp magazine concept than some of the other recent adaptations.